Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arriving in Arizona

I did make it through the airport by myself... getting a 44 pound bag checked, lugging an empty carseat to the gate and rolling along a stuffed laptop bag.   The flight was PACKED and I was thankful that I had a seat assignment before arriving.  It was a window seat and the guy next to me was a little weird, but overall the flight was uneventful.  

My friend Jenn picked me up at the airport and got me settled into her house.  I got to meet her beautiful daughter, her very understanding husband, and a pretty cute dog.
Although it was hard to fall asleep without Brandon, I got more than I usually do when I travel alone.

This morning we got up early so that I could pick up my rental car.   Once again, I've never gotten a rental car for myself and I didn't know what to say to all of those extra offerings.  I said no, hoping I was doing the right thing.   Of course, once I start driving I realize that this car has something going on... probably a tire or something since there is some shaking when I break.  I thought about turning around, but didn't want the hassle at the moment, because I was on my way to the doctor's appointment with "B".

I ended up getting there much earlier than I anticipated, so I found myself a Target.  Let me tell you, the feeling of finding Target in an unknown place is AWESOME.  I got a few essentials along with a cheese stick and a caffeinated soda to hold me over.   Once I got back into the car, I opened my soda and it exploded all over the car and me.   Just my luck really.  I'm on my way to meet this very important person and I get soda all over my denim capris, the car, my hands... it was just lovely.   I went to a gas station and tried to clean up the car.   In the end, I stopped at  a Walgreen's and got some baby wipes to wipe up the steering wheel and my hands.      Luckily, by the time I got back to the clinic, my pants didn't look wet anymore.

I got to the clinic before B and her case worker, so I was super nervous sitting there.  Eventually they came in and I was relieved when B hugged me.   We talked for 45 minutes before they were ready for her.   
When we got back to the room, B had to go to the ladies room and I introduced myself to the nurse.  I told her I was the prospective adoptive mom and she said "oh! I thought you were just with the agency.   Did you want to see the baby on an ultrasound?"   I said "oh wow, that would be amazing!  But I know that you did one a couple of appointments ago."   She said we could still do a quick one.   
So when the doctor came in, he asked B some questions then he said something to me and B said "oh, this is the adoptive mom".   For her to say that was... wow.  

Then, he did the ultrasound.... 
I can honestly say, I never thought I would witness one.  Especially one showing what hopefully will be MY child.   I was in awe. The doctor pointed out his head, an ear, a nose.... it was hard to see a lot because baby is down pretty low and he was holding his arm in front of his face.    I started to tear up and I smiled a lot.  The nurse saw me and gave me a smile too. 

B wasn't ready to deliver today, but she has some blood pressure stuff going on, so they did some blood work and we will get an update tomorrow.  Really, it could be tomorrow or it could be Monday... or Friday.   It's just so hard to tell right now.  We need to make sure B is ok and healthy as well as baby.

I took B out to lunch after the appointment and it was nice to get to sit and talk for a while.  She is a sweet girl and has been through a lot, but she laughs and smiles a lot, which is really good :-)
And she made me feel so much better too. Probably without even realizing it.   It sounds like this is for real.

I dropped her off and she hugged me again.
We'll see what tomorrow holds.


  1. Wow! What an eventful day! I'm so glad you got to see the ultrasound-- How exciting!! :) Keep us all updated- we are all so happy for you!

  2. I am so glad you are blogging while you are there, it saves me from having to text you 100x's a day to get updates!

    I am so happy you and B are having a connection. I really think her situation is the best case scenario for you.
    Lots of love and hugs Beth. I'm thinking about you!!!!

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  4. OK, being technically challenged with the whole online account thing, I didn't realize that the "whole" name would show so I thought I should delete the identifying
    Thanks for posting Beth! I was anxious to hear the details but didn't want to bug you. You have some amazing support from some amazing friends, although you are pretty amazing yourself! Hugs to you and give B. a big hug from me. You'll be home before you know it with that beautiful baby boy!