Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another labor of love...

We decided to create a slideshow with pictures and bits of information about us.  This is another way that we can shout to the world that we are ready to adopt and perhaps even connect with an expectant mother who is thinking about placing her child for adoption.

It is like a mini version of our profile.  Feel free to share it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month.  How fitting that I started the month out by going to a seminar on how to adopt more quickly.  There was a message that came across loud and clear: we should not be WAITING to adopt.   Waiting implies that we are doing nothing, while expecting something.      I walked away from the seminar with a few more ideas on how to network and get our information out there to expectant parents who might be thinking about placing their child for adoption. 

I also realized that I was in a room of 50-60 people, all from our agency, that are hoping to adopt an infant.   The numbers that our agency is dealing with now have increased a lot and I wonder if more people are opening their heart to adoption.     I hope so, because as more people want to adopt and the more adoption becomes a larger part of every family, the better it will be for our children.  

So Happy National Adoption Month to my fellow hopeful parents, to those amazing parents who are part of an awesome support network for us, and to everyone who has been touched by adoption.