Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost here....

After being super emotional because I was away from home, Brandon flew in to see me and to come with us to B's appointment on Monday morning.  We were all set to walk in and beg for someone to schedule her C-Section.    Her normal doctor was on vacation, so we saw a young, female doctor.  Right away, she said "so, we're getting things scheduled for Wednesday."    We like to think that they finally gave in since 4 people were walking into the appointment.  B thought maybe it was just Brandon's male presence.  Either way, Brandon wouldn't be heading home and instead we'd be getting ready for baby to arrive!

Monday evening, Brandon and I were gifted a hotel stay from a co-worker of mine. We had a great night out on the town in Scottsdale and enjoying each other's company as a married couple.

Tuesday night we took B out for a good meal since she wouldn't be able to eat pretty much all day Wednesday.  She was in good spirits, we talked a lot, and had a good evening.

Wednesday morning dragged on, but I tried to do some work while we waiting for the hours to pass.
Finally, it was time to go get B and head to the hospital.
We were her only support, because her case worker was actually out of town. I walked with her to register, we sat with her in the room while she waited to get prepped for surgery, and then - I suited up in scrubs....

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