Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home Visit

They day finally arrived... yesterday morning we had our home visit with our social worker from the agency. 
Our house looked great - we spent a lot of time last week organizing, then while we were out of town with the kids (that's another post), my mom and dad came and did some more cleaning and final touches.  
She arrived at 10am and I was a big ball of nerves.  As she walked up the staircase to our house, I thought maybe I'd get sick. 

The awkward initial greeting where our dog barks and tries to greet her lasted about 2 minutes, then she said hello to the boys and asked them to show her around the house.   Neither of them seemed too excited to do so (they aren't young enough to be thrilled about showing someone the house), but eventually youngest step-son started taking her around.    After the short house tour, she went into one of the boys' rooms and talked to both of them. She asked them some questions about how they felt about having a new sibling and any questions they might have.   She was impressed with both kids and said they were very sweet.  She got a kick out of how different they are...

Then it was our turn, she talked to Brandon and I about the process and our feelings about where we are at, then she had to do a couple of more individual interviews.   All in all, the visit lasted 2 hours and now we just wait for her to write up the study.   I didn't realize that writing up the study actually takes a month or two before it's finalized and we are officially waiting to be matched.  I guess all we can do is wait....  and finish our profile of course so that we are ready to jump in.

It's hard to believe that we're almost done, yet it seems like it's taken forever at the same time.
My fear is still that it will take too long to meet our baby and that I will go through a lot of heartache, but we can only do so much. 

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