Friday, April 22, 2011

First Books

I have a love of books and reading.  I read almost every night before bed and sometimes when I'm working out.  Occasionally I will let myself just read to pass the time too.   I plan to share my love of reading with my future child and hope that as they get older, they will continue to read for enjoyment.

About a week ago, I made the first purchases for our future child's "library" and they came in the mail today.

link to description of book

link to description of book

I'm resisting the urge to open these books until Brandon gets home so we can look at them together.  He might need to grab tissues while I read the first book;  a book that celebrates a child's adoption.  

Maybe Marley will let me read to her for practice...  do you think she'll listen?


  1. You need "On the Night You Were Born"

    You will cry and cry. It's a beautiful story!

  2. I teared up when I read "Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born"... I will check out your suggestion!