Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Have We Been Up To?

Well, first of all, both boys took the Hunter's Safety Course. They learned a lot and both passed their tests with flying colors!  The youngest would like to hunt, but the oldest thought it would just be "good knowledge".   I took both of them to their range day while Brandon was working.   Luckily, they had some great instruction while they were there.

Last weekend Brandon and I participated in the March for Babies, a 4 mile walk to raise money and support the March of Dimes.   Unfortunately, it was unseasonably cold for May 1st and we were freezing as we walked around a lake.   It was still a great cause and I am happy I was able to be involved.     There were a couple moments when I thought I might cry while reading some of the signs. One in particular hit me.   It was a mom pulling her children in a wagon and they had a sign that told us they were walking for their triplets... in memory of two of them, but in honor of the one that survived.    Wow, just writing it now gives me the chills.
I decided that although the kids weren't with us, Brandon and I were walking for our future child.   Of course we hope that they are healthy, but we know that there are some amazing things done through the March of Dimes if they are not.

Here's a photo of Brandon with some special guests before the walk (don't hate on his jogging suit, he might get mad).
Here we go! You can tell how yucky it was outside. There was even snowflakes... in May.

At the finish... it felt good to walk 4 miles, but we were hungry!
Not the most flattering photo, but I happen to love it anyways... 

And after we grabbed a bite to eat, we went to visit an old co-worker of mine.  I haven't seen her since her 2nd child was born and I was very excited to catch up and hold a baby!!
She was such a fun baby - very smiley and talkative, although in this pic she was watching her brother.

We've also been working on the bathroom remodel and our autobiographies for the home study.  We have been a busy family!


  1. Where are the pictures of the bathroom remodel? And I want to read your autobiographies. :)

  2. Gina, these autobiographies are just us answering questions about ourselves. Our case worker will use them to write up our home study. You have no idea the types of questions there are... and the AMOUNT!