Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Evolution...

So where was I?  I started MyFitnessPal.... and I pretty much told my work team that they should all do it too. We focused on drinking a ton of water, working out as a team, and logging our food. Realizing how many calories were in my "normal" foods was a complete eye opener.
That super yummy Caribou Cooler I loved? Between 400 and 500 calories.  I started realizing how I had gotten back up to my highest weight, but I also realized that it was possible to change things.
I can't be like some of the people around me; eating and drinking whatever they want with no real impact to their waistline. That's just not how I'm built and I need to be ok with that.

There were moments I wasn't ok with it; lets be honest.  A couple weeks into things we went to a big event with a lot of friends. I was trying to be REALLY good with my eating and my drinking. I ended up having a panic attack, but thankfully my husband talked me through it and my bestie took me to a Zumba class the next morning. 

2 months into my journey, I had lost about 30 pounds.  Exercising was starting to become a habit and my work team was on the road to a healthy lifestyle with me!  We set a big goal as a team and would workout in the gym at work or around town! Each week at weigh-in, I was surprised at the progress that I was making.

March 31, 2015 in our fitness center at work

March 29, 2015, walking in my neighborhood
April 15, 2015, walk with  my work team by our local stadium

What I realized in the beginning...
Food had been my comforter for far too long.  On bad days (before all of this), my amazing, wonderful, loving husband would go get me ice cream.  He did it because he knew that for a little while, this made me happy.  Taking away this comfort was hard.  There was one day where I was stressed out and emotional and I sat down and cried because I didn't know what to do. I couldn't eat to make myself feel better!

Things that were REALLY hard in the beginning started to become less hard. It is possible to go from super out-of-shape to the person who works out every day.

Team accountability makes a HUGE difference. It made me weigh-in each week, it made me WANT to meet my goals, and we forced each other into working out even if we didn't all want to.

My husband can change from the amazing, loving person who gives me ice cream to the amazing, loving person who always makes sure I have time for a workout and makes sure I have food that I can eat wherever we are. He is a huge support to me.

I was changing my life right in front of my own eyes... No more saying NO.
For Mother's Day, I played paintball with the middle kid at his request.  I said YES to Paintball.

For our anniversary, on May 22nd, I went kayaking for the first time!

I LOVE it!

I say yes when  my bff makes me try stuff! May 29th

I got a new bike


  1. I hope you realize how much you are inspiring others. You're story is unique because most women are just like you. Are just like me. Working mothers who are trying very hard to figure out balance/work/us time. It isn't easy. When people read your story, they realize that the goals they set for themselves are attainable. They just need to try.

    1. Thank you Angi. I really never thought I would be an inspiration, but if I can help just one person - I'll be happy. There were people who inspired me along the way and I know how much it can help.