Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hope brings.....

I don't think I ever posted about my newest tattoo here.   In January I made the decision that I needed a new tattoo.  Something that was meaningful to this journey and something to keep my heart at peace during the tough times of waiting.

The owl has become a symbol for us and Future Baby.  That, along with the word hope on my forearm is something that I can look at each and every day to remind me that all of my hopes and dreams will come true, when the time is right.

After signing up with Christian Adoption Consultants we started sending out our information to a couple of agencies they are connected with.  We asked to be presented to an expectant mother with one agency after seeing a situation on their website.   Then, we got notification of a baby that was already born and a lawyer was working to find adoptive parents for her.  It seemed like there was so much going on.   I was overwhelmed with sending out information, making decisions on what felt right, etc.
After some consideration, on June 4th we were getting our information together for the baby that was already born.  I wrote out the check for the application fee and looked at my phone for some reason.
There was a new email on our family email account, which we use for a lot of adoption related emails.

I opened the new email and the words, "you were her first choice" and "congratulations!" jumped out at me.

I couldn't believe my eyes... I walked towards our stairs and called for Brandon with a very shaky voice...  while I stood on the stairs and he stood at the top I told him "she picked us" and I started to cry.
He got me upstairs and started asking me more, but I couldn't even read the email fully, so I handed him the phone.   My step-son R was in the room and gave me  a hug.   I called my mom freaking out.

At that point, all I knew was that this expectant mom, that we asked to be presented to through one of the agencies, had picked us.

We made a phone call to our consultant and of course emailed the agency back. It was quite a whirlwind!
That night, I talked to the agency director for a short time and got a little bit more information sent to me via email.

A lot of things happened over the next couple of days... our emotions were on overdrive and we had a ton of fears.    After all was said and done, we decided to take a leap of faith and officially be matched.

I will say to all of you that with adoption, nothing is ever for sure until it is.   This amazing young woman chose us based on our profile and we will move forward with even more hope that this baby belongs in our family.  Things could still change, but believe me, I am hoping that this summer (early August), I'll be a mommy to this amazing baby.

Look for updates next week on confirmation of gender, due date, etc!  We are thrilled!

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  1. Oh oh oh!!! *crosses the crossables and prays to all deities and sends out good vibes*