Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paint goes up!

We finally painted the someday nursery!   Covering the dark green walls was a bit of a challenge, but we used some great paint and did two coats.   The walls are now a nice grey color.  

I don't try to look pretty while I paint, obviously....

yes, he painted shirtless.   Letting it all hang out on the blog :-)
 We also made a last minute decision to leave the closet doors off of the closet (they haven't been on in that room since the house was bought) and paint the inside of the closet a fun color.   Here it is!  With the tape still up...

I can't wait to get everything in and set up.   That way, hopefully it will scream - Baby, we are ready!

We did send a HUGE pack of required info and profiles to another agency yesterday.    Let's hope that we get a call very soon!

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