Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not it... again.

We received an email from our social worker that it was not good news; we were not chosen by the birth parents this time.  

Luckily, I wasn't heart broken like the last time.  I was sad, but I am trying to believe that our child is still out there.  We are one step closer to the baby that is meant for us.

Plus, I can imagine this little spirit saying, "hello... you don't even have the car seat yet.   You aren't ready for me."     Ok, that's true.  We ordered the car seat and it will arrive on Tuesday.   I am very excited about it actually and will most likely post pictures.   We are going to take this time to get more things ready and hopefully, our baby will find us and when he or she does, it will just fall into place.  

To boost my spirits a little, we actually went and registered at a store last night.   I felt a little strange when the girl was telling me about breast-feeding supplies and finally, Brandon said "well, we're adopting, so we won't be needing those."      I mean, I COULD try to breast feed, but it's most likely not in the plans for us, which I am ok with.       Walking around the store talking about products, using that fun little scanner, and deciding what we liked best was a fun Friday night for me.  More importantly, it made it feel real.   We are going to have a baby and we do need things! 

So, little baby B... we are getting ready for you!! 

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  1. Yes, your baby is out there! I'm glad you are preparing yourselves!