Saturday, July 16, 2011

16 and Pregnant: Adoption Special

I had heard a few people talking about this special and was sad that I missed it.  Luckily, this morning they replayed the episode where Dr. Drew talked to some of the girls from the show who made the decision to make an adoption plan for their baby.

There was a video of one of the girls at the hospital after the birth of her child.  It showed the adoptive parents coming into the room and being handed this gorgeous baby girl.    I was flooded with emotions.   The bravery of the young couple, the excitement and awe of the adoptive parents.... what an amazing thing to watch.

Later, they showed a video that the adoptive parents made of their little girl in their home. She is two now and is such a joy to them.  They made the video as a gift for the birth parents and again it was SO emotional.

The tears flowed down my face as I watched all of this, imagining that someday I could be in that same position.   How could I ever thank the birth parents enough?    I don't think there are any words....

Here is the episode online if you're interested:

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