Monday, June 20, 2011

A Day Late to Say Happy Father's Day

I'm a day late, because this was a very busy weekend for us.   Brandon and I were camping this weekend with friends, but got home yesterday early afternoon.  We came home to a very spoiled dog and very spoiled kids. My mom watched over the boys and Marley while we were gone and they all had a few too many treats!   
We relaxed with a movie at home, Brandon opened his cards, and then we went out to dinner.
It wasn't anything fancy, but it was good.

So Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Husband.  Your boys are very lucky to have a father who fought for more time, a father who continues to want only good things for them, and for a father who takes care of all of us so well.     And hopefully, Happy Father's Day to the future father of my future child. Our baby will be so blessed to have someone like you to call Dad.  

Also a big shout out to my Dad - as my card to him said, a little girl never forgets her first dance.  I remember the days when we would dance in the living room to a Linda Ronstadt record, which was probably right after playing with my Little People house and right before he showed me his monkey lip face.   

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