Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where We're At Now... a real update

I've been playing catch up and I'm still not up to "real time", but perhaps I should just jump ahead.
I mean, T is now almost 9 weeks old!! I don't know where time has disappeared to.   It feels like just yesterday I was looking at this teeny tiny little newborn and now I am looking at this little boy!  

Shortly after we arrived home, I had a baby shower with friends and family where T was loved on by everyone and received a ton of gifts.   Then we had a shower at my office where he was completely SPOILED.   We are so blessed to have so many people who loved T before he was even born.   His Dad and I weren't the only ones waiting for him...

I went back to work far too soon. It started as two days/week and now I am back to 4 days/week. 
This must be the hardest part of my life right now.  Leaving him makes me feel guilty and I miss him like crazy.  We are also struggling to get set up with a daycare.  My mom has been with him on the days that neither Brandon or I are around, but she needs to get back to working full time.   Let me tell you though, she loves having Grandma time! 
I knew that being a working mom would be tough, but I had no idea that my feelings would be so intense.
I'm still trying to figure all of that out.

Our contact with T's birthmom has been much more limited than I expected based on some of the conversations that were happening while in the hospital and at our final goodbye with her.
There has been 1 phone call and a few emails.  
I feel ok with where things are at right now as far as openness. I think that it will develop over time though as she heals and as we get more comfortable.

Life has changed dramatically to say the least.   I'm hoping that I can post more regularly and add in some fun stuff!   

Does anyone have any questions I can answer?

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