Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some more "hurry up and wait...."

This waiting period is an interesting thing.   We heard about a last minute situation and scrambled to get things together to mail to a lawyer.   We were not chosen.   We heard about another situation and took a week to really gather things and feel good about what we sent.  This time, the baby was lost.
I have cried each time.
Each time, I hope and hope that we will receive the call that says "you're going to be a mom".  

I have begged and pleaded with the universe; telling anyone that will listen that I'm ready.  
I have asked "where is our baby?"

I still have no answers.

We stay really busy with lots of things.
Last weekend we volunteered twice in one day. 
We spent the morning with Brandon's companies huge efforts across the country.    We are window washing pros after 3 years of it!

We spent the afternoon with RESOLVE at their Midwest Family Building Conference.   We learned so much while we were there last year that we decided to give back.   We filled in where they needed extra volunteers and we even saw a couple that we recommended the conference to.

We are planning a garage sale to do some adoption fundraising.  If we can raise enough for potential travel costs or part of our finalization costs when the time comes, I will be so happy.
We have already seen such amazing generosity by friends and by strangers.   The sale is turning into something huge and we are blessed to have so many people who care enough about us to help.

This week is also National Infertility Awareness Week.    Although adoption is the right path for us, I will probably never forget the pain of knowing that I can't get pregnant.   I'm thinking of all my friends who struggle with infertility and wish them peace.


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  2. Oh, sweetie... I know this is agonizing. I have to say, you are handling it a lot better than when you first started this journey. You are doing all the right things to get ready for little baby Burris and I hope that you meet baby soon! You know I'm always thinking about you and hoping you get your wish soon. Have faith it will happen and when it does, this very difficult process will be all worth it when you hold that little bundle in your arms. love you!

  3. The "hurry up and wait" is the hardest part...Lots of love to you all...