Thursday, February 2, 2012

In this Together

There are moments, sometimes even days, where I feel so alone in the journey to becoming a parent. I feel surrounded by those who have experienced the joy and don't understand the pain that I feel as I wait. However, the truth is very different. I am not alone and when I look closely, I am honestly surrounded by people who deeply care. Some hurt right along with me and some just hurt because I hurt.

There are my friends who have been trying to get pregnant, but have not been successful. They know my pain of wanting a child.

There are my friends and members of communities that are waiting for their forever child through the gift of adoption. They understand how hard this wait is.

My mother who cries for me and dreams of the day I will become a parent and make her a grandma again. She also remembers how she yearned for 2 years to finally become pregnant with me.

My husband, who although knows the joy of fatherhood, hates seeing my pain. Although he seems calm, cool, and collected, he gets emotional when he thinks of how wonderful it will be to parent along side me.

And my friends who know how much this means to me. They may not hurt, but they want this very badly for me. They may not cry, but they will hug me when I do.

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